Wyoming Food Safety Coalition

The purpose of the Coalition shall be to educate the public as to food safety practices and to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

In the early 1990’s the Wyoming Environmental Health Association (WEHA), used to provide one food safety training each year in Wyoming. The WEHA board explored the idea of trying to do more than one training annually. There was hesitation on the expenses and worry that WEHA may not be able to survive financially if it were to provide additional food safety training. During that time, Manager John Misock, of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA), agreed to fund the provision of eight food safety courses in Wyoming. The training program was developed and the courses were held. It was a success, but time-consuming. WEHA decided to approach the University of Wyoming Extension (UWE) educators to join forces. Linda Melcher, (UWE), applied for a USDA grant to fund the venture and was awarded for the project. This is when the WFSC was formed and by-laws were established. The coalition received $25,000/year to develop training materials and conduct food safety training. It took time to get any returns for the training conducted. Expenses were being met and little by little materials were added for training. Some examples include; black lights and glo germ were purchased for each team in Wyoming, hand washing stickers, training books, and ServSafe materials.

WFSC has 85 members. Educators represent a variety of Wyoming agencies.  as the coalition numbers grow and the amount of food safety training increase the state of Wyoming has benefited from the WFSC’s efforts to reduce foodborne illness.